SOLD - Please close Wts 96 mln SP Pilot

95,5 MLN SP + 500.000 unallocated, 5 jc( 2 in hig sec + implant, 3 in null)
5.01 positive sec status, no kill right, no bounty, positive wallet
shild/armor tank, gunnery/missiles and drones
i have carrier skills/t3/hulk /and command ship
starting bid 85 B b/o 90B’Ra

Password for Eve Board please?

pswd 8888

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82.5b if you want it now.

at least 85b not less


84 bil

ok iva stark offer accepted. please send isk and account name and i will start the transfert

Isk and account name sent, waiting for transfer

isk recived and transfer starting… please confirm when you recive the character

Character received.

many thanks o/

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