[SOLD} WTS 36.2 mil SP Rorq (T1 Core) Hulk/Reprocessing pilot


As stated above pilot can fly rorq, use t1 industrial core. 14 days away from t2 core, exhumer pilot/Mercoxit miner, some PVP skills . Decent Reprocessing skills. Hours away from sitting in Naglafar.

143k unallocated skill points

No Kill Rights

No implants

No Jump Clones

Positive wallet balance

4.7 Sec status

Pilot is in Jita

Starting bid 32B. 36B B/O

zskillboard link?


25 billion

Sorry, too low.

UPDATED. Starting bid added. Buyout remains the same

32 billion

your offer has been noted. I will let you know if you get winning bid



Please confirm that you are still selling

Yes i’m still selling. does your offer stand?

My offer is still valid

Offer accepted. Please transfer isk and information for character transfer

Will transfer character after isk has been recieved @qingchun_leiwei

I am about to pay

sounds good

please send eve mail with information as well please :slight_smile:

Which ID to transfer to

Transfer ISK to this character. Upon receipt I will transfer character @Quantum_powered_warship