WTS Max Rorq (+JF / Titan builder / Sci / Trade - 58.7m sp)

Considering selling this pilot

*edit - pw = a1b1

Invulnerability Core V
Indust Config V
Mining Drone Spec V
Capital Industrial Ships V
Great support + Drone skills
Max Boosting (Shield / Mining)

Capital Ship Construction V
Max Copy / Research
Great trade skills
Can also fly Rhea.

Clone will be in highsec, positive wallet.

*Edit add - character in npc corp, due to wars from prev corp cannot join new one until 28.07 08:46hrs eve

48 bil


Thanks for bids.

I’d let go immediately at 54.

51 bil

Make it 52 and we have a deal

Up, First person to meet 52 gets this.
Will be on market for for 5 more days.


Up, get your 2700m3 mining, titanbuilding, researching jumping trader today.

4 more days until pulled from market and transferred to another of my accounts as part of a consolidation.


Tisha, appreciate offer but firm at 52.

Still here, 3 days left

Back to the top. 2 days left

Final day of sale is here.

Tisha if offer of 50 still good, i will accept.
If tisha backs out and someone else would like to offer 50, then that works too.

Ill do 49b

I’ll offer 50 bil. I don’t get done with work for another 8 hours though.

Havnt heard back from Tisha so I accept your offer Dooctoor. Transfer when you get back and post here. I’ll be awake around 3-4 hrs after that and will initiate transfer then if funds are receIced.

No response from dooctor. This char needs to go today.

Can do 50B when I get home in six hours

accept. transfer when back and post here, i can transfer immediately.