WTS Max Rorq (+JF / Titan builder / Sci / Trade - 61m sp)

Considering selling this pilot


Invulnerability Core V
Indust Config V
Mining Drone Spec V
Capital Industrial Ships V
Great support + Drone skills
Max Boosting (Shield / Mining)
Capital Ship Construction V
Max Copy / Research
Great trade skills
Can also fly Rhea.
Clone will be in highsec, positive wallet.

start bid 50b
b/o 54b

47 bil

49b offered

Bid noted expecting more a bit more!

B/o has been set

offer 52b isk am ready to transfer

If you can offer 53b I will start transfer now!

i can do 52 right now

transfer isk and will do transfer now send me account data via mail

1 moment

isk and account info sent

ok transfer has been started

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