WTS 124M SP Pilot - JF/RORQ/Fax/Cladari Dread/Hic/Recon and More


Rhea & Nomad 5
Rorq 5
Apostle & Minokawa 5
Phoenix 5
Onyx & Devoter HIC 5
Mining Barge 5
Caldari & Amarr Recon 5
Caldari & Minmatar Transports 5

And lots more - refer to the eveboard page for more details.

Great all-rounder alt one might need for general use or cap/supercap support alt.
Has + sec status
positive wallet
No kill rights
Full geno clone and another with two improved implants (JCs)
Located in Jita 4/4

100b reserve
115b B/O

100 bil

I’ll close on that if you’re still interested.

yeah, sure… officially accept my offer and i will send you isk

100B offer accepted from @TxivYawg1, awaiting isk

isk and account info sent

Isk recieved, initiated character transfer to account given


Please confirm you received character transfer, it is complete on my end. Once you verify I will close this thread/change topic.

confirmed, char received.

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