WTS RORQ pilots [other good skills too]

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Subject_AZ918L - Good JF pilot [RHEA] - Can fly great RORQ with T2 Core - SOLD

Biddings start at 25b isk 35B BO - SOLD

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Subject_AZ921L - Decent RORQ pilot with T2 Core - SOLD

Bidding starts at 14B - 16B BO - SOLD

Confirming I am for sale

Confirming I am for Sale

Subject_AZ921L - 14B

( Will send from XtacyIn480 )

Offer accepted, send isk to Dwight Sshrute and account Details to transfer

Will send isk and account details from this character.

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i am online and waiting

Will be sent to Subject AZ921L (as per forum rules)


Isk transfered and account info sent via eve mail

pilot has been transfered, enjoy the new pilot and wait 10 hrs before it appears in your slot, thanks you.

Other pilot still for sale

35 bill im asking for the T2 Rorq Pilot

35B accepted, send isk and account details

seller has not contacted, willing to accept 35B now or higher

30b b/o isk ready and online right now

I got a 35B isk buy out, im not going for less

he also isnt responding and probably doesnt have this isk. im ready to do this right now

I can wait for him, im in no hurry

is this character still available?

Yes, yes it is