WTS Rorq pilot, super, fax, dread sitter. 32m sp

I am selling my rorq alter pilot, good mining skills. no death so far, needs more time to improve fax, super and dread skills.

T2 siege
Caldari Freighter

Located in High security space.
Positive wallet & security status.
No kill rights.


Each comment is considered as a free bump until the amount is reached.

All CCP rules apply.
Start bid : 25b
B/O : 32b

offer 21B - FYI, toon needs to be in NPC corp

It is! Thanks for you offer. I think the page needs to refresh. :man_shrugging:t2:



offer 29B

Offer 29.5B

Offer 30B

Agreed Private sale, Sending eve mail and ISK once i have created new account. I will update once this has been done

ISK and Account ifnormation has been sent, thanks

Account received and transfer has being initiated.

Thanks for your purchase and take care of him, I know he’s in good hands.


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