WTS 31.9mil SP Rorq pilot - Max yield Rorq

PW: 123

Yearly remap available + 2 bonus

Cap indy 5
t2 indy core
mining drone spec 5
Good Drone skills

Starting Bid: 28bil
B/O: Offers

All ccp rules apply
Pilot is sitting in jita 4-4 with 1mil isk in the wallet
Transfer will be done with plex

28 =)

33 bil b/o

thanks for the offers. Going to let this run a little longer. Bidding will end tomorrow DT.

still available?




@zongping_ai B/o accepted send isk and acc name and I’ll start the transfer when I wake up in 7 hours

Will match if transaction is not completed

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I’m a Chinese player, so the time zone may be a little bit late if I don’t see it.

I’m working on your message.

@Ramon_Clay 35B ISK Sent mail has been sent. See the second mail.

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