WTS 13 Year Old Toon: 850k SP unallocated

For novelty, for a collection, for reliable 3rd party transactions, for bragging rights.
Character: D’iga


750k SP
850k SP (Unallocated)

Don’t expect a lot, but I’m sure it can be useful to someone, somewhere. Thank you

Please see char bazaar rules for how to coorectly sell a char

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My apologies, I’m a returning player. Updated OP with skillboard link!

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There are some discrepancies in your post.

  1. you haven’t posted all the information you are supposed to share (found reading the full character bazaar rules)
  2. your SP is OFF.
    |Unallocated Skill Points| 46,920|
    |Allocated Skill Points |757,115|
    |Total Skill Points |804,035|
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Please submit a new posting after reviewing the Bazaar rules.

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