WTS 13m SP Explorer 10B b/o


Mid-Grade Virtue scanning pod

Hacking and Archaeology 5

Drone Interfacing, Avionics, Durability, Sharpshooting 5

92k unallocated SP

Buyout changed to 10B, great deal!

Located in high-sec, npc corp, positive wallet and no killrights

that says you are in signal cartel, and not NPC corp.

It’s probably just not updated. If you check in game you will see I left sig cartel hours ago


buyout lowered

lol you extracted skills … somone to bust here boyz

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@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode I feel like this should be closed. no longer has 92k unallocated SP, plus his SP is lower than what he advertised in title.

@Star_Tours_Explorer I’ll allow your thread to remain open if you amend your post to properly reflect your character. Scams involving character sales are forbidden.

Sorry, forgot to blank this out when I went another direction. Can you close it?

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