WTS 14.2M SP Mining / Orca / Trade Toon

Good Uses for DASHING

  1. Orca Pilot; with solid drone skills for Mining and Medium size combat.
  2. Expedition Frigate; Good T2 Ninja mining fits. Gas V, Ice V, Mining V
  3. Solid Core skills; Engineering, Armor, Shield, Navigation and Targeting
  4. Trade Skills; Broker and Accounting to V
  5. Worm and Astero; Good T2 fits
  6. Mining Barge; T2 Fits.
  7. Good name and minimal corp history.

Skill Board

Character is has no kill rights, is in an NPC corp, has good standings to travel all areas and is in Jita 4/4 ready to go.


Skills are not showing, only shows the summary

So all I can offer is 5.5bil

If you go to

The character is the first one (most recent listing)
or type in his name

I’ve done it and all the skills show.
Thanks for the bid.

6 bil

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