WTS 140m SP Monster support character

(Irlina Jyu) #1


The perfect support character!

Virtually perfect apostle pilot
Can fly Revelation & Phoenix with t2 guns (Needs specialization for lasers but has capital energy turret 5)
Can also fly caldari and minmattar carriers
Can fly a rorqual with t2 siege
Perfect logistics pilot
Excellent fleet command skills with command ships 5
Excellent industrial skills, can build t2 capital ships and modules and has max build slots
Perfect reprocessing skills

Positive security status and wallet.

Start bid: 140B
Buyout: 170b

(Arashi Reza) #2

Posted with the wrong character. Confirming I am for sale.

(Gattanera) #3

115 bil

(neverland face) #5

140 bil

(Leilani Solaris) #6

Thanks for the bid. Auction will end Friday 6th July @ 9:19am

(Leilani Solaris) #7

Daily bump

(Leilani Solaris) #8

Daily bump

(Irlina Jyu) #9

To the top with you!

(Leilani Solaris) #10

to the top!

Wtb production/mining/nyx characters! isk ready!
(Leilani Solaris) #11

Winning bid. Please send isk to Arashi Reza and your account name and I will initiate the transfer

(Leilani Solaris) #12

Winning bidder hasn’t responded to messages so I will open this back up for another 3 days. New end time is 18:44 Wednesday 11th July

(system) #13

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