WTS 147.5m SP - Amarr Titan V, All carriers V, Amarr Dread V, Blops V

Character from 2007 for sale.

143.7m skillpoints & 3.9m unallocated.

Amarr Titan V
All carriers V
Amarr Dreadnought V
Black Ops V
All armor V
All shield V (except ICO)
All targetting V
All engineering V
All non-krabbing drone skills V (except specs which are IV)
Plenty of other V skills.

Isk positive wallet.
No kill rights.
3 jump clones in nullsec. 1 Perimeter.

Highly focussed character, I’m not setting a price but well aware of current market value. So make the offers good.

80B offer

Thanks for the offer. However it’s too low.



Thanks for your offer, however I’m looking for 100bil + for this character.

95b isk ready, mail in game can accept asap

105b and I’ll start the transfer right now.

105bil B\O

I accept the offer @Dart_Lady for 105b.
Let me know when isk has been sent at that point I shall not accept any further offers.

isk sent acc info ingame

In game mail sent. Please read.

Transfer started.

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