Sold. Closed

(BAKA 001) #1

Combat SP character

Amarr Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier IV
Fighter V

No kill rights
Positive Security Status

SP bouns remaps Available:2

More skill listed below xD

(Takitani Genji) #2

how much bid start

(Perpetualed) #3

56 billion.

(Takitani Genji) #4

api id is wrong

(BAKA 001) #5

Confused with Api, I’ll just type out the skill.

T2 drones.
Can fly Aeon, Nyx, Hel
Can fly Revelation, Naglfar
Can fly A,G,M FAX
Amarr battleship V
T2 Heavy or light fighter
Can fly A,C Heavy assault cruiser, logistics ,recon ship and T3C
Covert Ops V

"Blaze" Squadron: Cerberus, Armageddon
Angel Hex: Machariel
86 Exoplanets Hunter skins.
IGC: Caracal
Imperial Jubilee: Archon, Paladin
Khanid: Aeon
Kind’s Ransom - Darouen: Rattlesnake
Nightfire: Tengu
Sarum: Aeon, Coercer, Magnate, Revelation
Sebiestor: Hel, Hurricane
Star capital: Apocalypse
Steel Cardinal : ferox
Tash-Murkon: Abaddon, Apocalypse, Archon, Omen
Valklear Glory: Nidhoggur
Can fly these ships too.

3 month omega time left.
If u want to know any more information pls contact me a mail in the game.

(Glasletter Nisseria) #6

Why would omega time left matter?:thinking::thinking:

(BAKA 001) #7

daily bump

(Hammersmashed face) #8

Your api is expired.

(Sell it) #9

Will contact you tomorrow, was looking for such a toon !

(BAKA 001) #10

Yes, So I just type out all the skill. pls ignore the Api xD

(BAKA 001) #11

Daily bump

(Bob Javasnki) #12


(Perpetualed) #13

58 billion.

(Bob Javasnki) #14


(Perpetualed) #15

60 billion.

(BAKA 001) #17

Acceptable price. Gonna send u ingame mail

(kandle002 Hanaya) #18

This is the character. I am for sale

(Perpetualed) #19

ISK and account name sent ingame.

(BAKA 001) #20

Character sold. Thread closed.

(system) #21

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