Sold. Closed

Combat SP character

Amarr Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier IV
Fighter V

No kill rights
Positive Security Status

SP bouns remaps Available:2

More skill listed below xD

how much bid start

56 billion.

api id is wrong

Confused with Api, I’ll just type out the skill.

T2 drones.
Can fly Aeon, Nyx, Hel
Can fly Revelation, Naglfar
Can fly A,G,M FAX
Amarr battleship V
T2 Heavy or light fighter
Can fly A,C Heavy assault cruiser, logistics ,recon ship and T3C
Covert Ops V

"Blaze" Squadron: Cerberus, Armageddon
Angel Hex: Machariel
86 Exoplanets Hunter skins.
IGC: Caracal
Imperial Jubilee: Archon, Paladin
Khanid: Aeon
Kind’s Ransom - Darouen: Rattlesnake
Nightfire: Tengu
Sarum: Aeon, Coercer, Magnate, Revelation
Sebiestor: Hel, Hurricane
Star capital: Apocalypse
Steel Cardinal : ferox
Tash-Murkon: Abaddon, Apocalypse, Archon, Omen
Valklear Glory: Nidhoggur
Can fly these ships too.

3 month omega time left.
If u want to know any more information pls contact me a mail in the game.

Why would omega time left matter?:thinking::thinking:

daily bump

Your api is expired.

Will contact you tomorrow, was looking for such a toon !

Yes, So I just type out all the skill. pls ignore the Api xD

Daily bump


58 billion.


60 billion.

Acceptable price. Gonna send u ingame mail

This is the character. I am for sale

ISK and account name sent ingame.

Character sold. Thread closed.

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