WTS 58.6M SP AEON/HEL Super/Revelation Pilot - SOLD

WTS Near Maxed Super Carrier Pilot:
Only 2 months old - 09/08/2022 Birth date - Fully injected for what i needed it for at the time, highly focused. - With a nice cool name :slight_smile:

Zkillboard is very nice also.

  • Character’s wallet is Isk Positive.
  • Character has a 0.1 Security Status.
  • Character is in NPC Corporation.
  • Character has Skillboard linked.
  • I will pay transfer fee.


  1. Max Aeon skills - Including Armor mindlink.
  2. Nearly Level 5 Hel skills
  3. Near maxed fighters.
  • Capital Energy Turret V
  • Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V
  • Sharpshooter V
  • Amarr Carrier V
  • Minmatar Carrier Total SP: 2,428,251 of 3,584,000 - 25.11 Days for V
  • Fleet support skills are all V
  • All Fighter skills IV near V

This toon can also fly a Paladin, Revelation with maxed skills in the gunnery.
Has the ability to use Projection Bursts and all skills related to Super Carriers.
This toon can fly a Sabre for interdiction backup purposes - Aswell as a Eagle for some fleet DPS assistance.

This toon is VERY focused in Aeon/Hel and Revelation - Theres hardly anything wasted.

Interstellar Aeon
Purity Revelation
Youl Star Hel

Maxed Shield implants with mindlink - Cost: 4B
Maxed Armor implants with mindlink. - Cost: 3.2B
These implants are in Oijanen which is a free access upwell for you to move wherever you’d like, not very far from Jita.

I will NOT be looking for extraction value. This toon is focused and the skillpoints are not wasted. And i will also be taking into consideration that there is 7B worth of implants. which i will lower down to 5B for the sake of the trade - Your decent offer will have to include +5B.

If you are not interested in the character, then please do not post - I am not in a rush to sell, therefore i will not accept lowball offers.


50b offer

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Thankyou for your sensible bid


BUMP of the day!

Hi, im happy to accept your 50B offer if you are still interest.

Isk and acc sent

Hi I will transfer this shortly

I finish work in 3-4 hours, once home i will initiate transfer, hope this is okay :slight_smile:


You mailed me in game with two different account names for transfer? Can you please explain. Thanks.

sorry.the first acc name is wrong.we use the second.

Okay I will initiate transfer in the morning as I’m now in bed, was unsure where to send.


Sorry for my mistake.

No problem.

Will initiate transfer shortly.


12 Oct 2022 13:14
Transfer Character

Account Transfer initiated to Account name sent via maill.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

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