WTS Focused Aeon / Hel Pilot

Super focused super carrier pilot. No wasted SP.

Alexa Johansson

All CCP rules apply. Toon is location in Jita 4-4, Positive isk balance, 5.0 sec status, no kill rights, 2 jump clones with few attribute implants.

Skill Points:

54.4m SP Total

  • 21.8m in Drones
  • 6m in Navigation
  • 4.3m in Engineering
  • 5m in Armor

Skill Highlights

  • Amarr & Minmatar Carrier V
  • Jump Drive Calibration V
  • Heavy + Light Fighters V
  • Cybernetics V
  • Fighter Hangar Management V

A lot of time has gone into training the toon and I’m in no rush to sell. Close to being a great faction super pilot or perfect Aeon / Hel. No low ball extractor price offers please. She deserves a good home!!

B/O: 50B

30 BILL b/o

I could make that extracting myself and save the transfer fee :grin:

Seems to be a pragmatic solution. Offer stands o7

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35 bil .






still available?

36 BIL

Still available

I prefer to your character if you can make a desicion ASAP. Another is waiting.

I give up

i’ll offer 36B

offered 36.5B

can offer 38b