WTS 50.7m super toon (myself)
Perfectly focused aeon pilot, flys nyx/hel as well, perfect for a toon that can be a sitter/coffin pilot

In Highsec.
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
4.0 Sec standing.

Skins of note on toon, (more than 1b value)
Ultraviolence Vortex AEON
Firewall Breach HEL
Caille Neon NYX

Start bid 36B

Buyout : 45B

38B B/O

39B offer,I can pay for it now

40b offer


Are you still there?

offer acknowledged if no other offer in 24hrs will sell

offer retracted

My offer still stands

It’s been 24 hours,I’m ready.

offer accepted

Ok, I will send ISK and email right now

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awaiting ingame mail

isk and email have been sent

Isk and email received Character transfer initiated, please confirm in 10hrs when complete so thread can be closed

Transfer initiated email received as well *

Transfer initiated email received as well

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Role transfer has been completed

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