WTS 52.1mil SP near perfect Nyx and Hel toon

Selling my near perfect Nyx and Hel toon

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Risaloe - Password: 1234

Highlights: Gal and Min Carrier 5
Fighters/heavy fighters/light fighters 5
limited to no wasted SP

Full slave set + other implants in active clone
JC with HG Ascendancy 1-5 plus warp speed imp slot 6

Located in Aldrat(min high sec)

Positive wallet
All CCP rules apply

Not in a rush to sell. if i don’t get what i’m looking for then ill just use the toon again

Starting bid: 48bil
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: surprise me

I can give you 40b, but I’m interested in purchasing ASAP. Let me know, thanks!

I will bid 46 offer stands 48 hours

50b b/o for next 24h then drop back to 48b

Thanks for the bids so far. Going to let this run till Sunday 2nd sept at dt. Looking for more as a b/o.

Bump to the top

Bump to the top

Bump ends today at downtime. Currently I’ll be keeping the toon unless I get a good offer

Ingame offer accepted. Isk and account info will be provided shortly.

Sorry I got home late. Petition sent to transfer the toon. Ccp should do it soon. Enjoy the toon

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