WTS Perfect Nyx/Hel Pilot

As title suggests selling perfect Nyx/Hel pilot

70.7m SP


High grade slaves for Nyx
Geno’s for Hel

( won’t be able to dock and retrieve unless you join the corp )

55b starting
70b b/o
Anything under starting bid will be ignored and considered a free bump

Positive Wallet
Positive security Status
No kill rights
Located in high security
Seller pays transfer fee
All forum rules apply

55 Bil

Noted reserve met so auction closes in 24hrs. Cheers

56.5 bil

8hours and no more bids its yours.



59 bil


@Lyro_Chastot Send ISK and account info

@Lyro_Chastot hasn’t sent isk so it goes back up for sale

First person to send 58bil takes the account. Include account name and post here.

58 bil

Read the above post. Send ISK and Account info.

Isk and account info sent.

Noted and character transfer has begun. Thank you

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