WTS 52M sp Nyx/Hel/Vendetta Pilot


52,4M SP
370k Unallocated SP
1 Remap available

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character location: Jita
2 Clones in Hisec with HG Ascendancy without Omega and HG slave set. 3rd clone in 0.0.

Jump Cal 5
Heavy Fighters 5
Minnie/Gallante Carrier 5

Starting bid 45B. 1B increases plz. B/O 56B.

45 bil

48b offered

48.5 bil

49b isk

49.5 bil



Bump. B/O of 56B added.


Bump. Going to probably sell to the highest bidder in 2 days. GL


Offer accepted. W8ting for ISK. Acc details.

isk and id send

Please transfer it as soon as possible.

Transfer started.

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