WTS - 72 M - Supercapital Nyx + Vendetta + Hel - JF Nomad PVP

Hello everyone ,
Sesh Zan
This is me I am a very good carrier / super pvp driver
port jf nomad
skill top drones
I would not like to sell to be extracted but to be used
starting auction base
Start 45 B
B / O 55 B
this account expires on 12/31/2020
thx fly safe


45b, I’ll be using it for dank frags <3

thanks for your offer we look forward a little longer

46b lets try that :slight_smile:


47b? How much do you want? :-/

50 B I accept if there are no higher figures

I’ll do 50b. Deal?

:-/ 51 B last Try

ok great offers we wait 24 h to decide

so 3 h ago you want 50 to conclude deal, then you get 51 offer and you dont wanna take it?

52 bil

what would you do excuse me?

thank you very much I would like to reach a b / o of 55 B

Ok 55 it is. When can you transfer char? CCP transfer fee is $20. You aware of that?

yes yes of course we can proceed even now

ok i accept your offer send me isk and where you want to receive your new char

dude he agreed on 50 and you go and offer 55…

we are in negotiation the 50 never arrived I can’t wait if higher figures are offered