WTS ~130m SP Combat Toon - Nyx Pilot - FAX Ready

I am for sale.


Positive wallet, no killrights, 4.59 sec status

Located in Jita 4-4

1million unallocated SP

Currently training into Heavy and Light Fighters V

Bid Start: 105B
Buyout: 115B

Bumping for added spice.

Will be up for some negotiation on price. Post here to make me an offer!


Dropping to 90b for a sale, needs to be gone by the 21st.

I’m ready to do 90Bil immediately

91 bli isk ready

up to 95

95.5 bil


97.5 bil

LOL whatever 97.750

99 Billion good for today only as I have other bids in

99.5 bil

Sent you an in game mail James.


ok isk sent

ISK received, as discussed privately, transfer is guaranteed to James Bond-007.

Transfer set up to James.

In game mail sent also.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Transfer underway, if possible please get in touch in game.


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