WTS Hel&super carrier character about 50m SP(sold)

Basic Information:

  • Based in Duripant
  • No kill rights
  • Positive wallet
  • Start bid 45B
    Buyout : 55B

Additional Information:

also,have Chainbreaker Khumaak skin for Hel(about 6B) and Freedom’s Revolution skin for Nidhoggur(about 9B)

34bil buy out. isk in hand

40b offer

Is there a higher offer?


If anyone give 45b then I will make deal

45bill. Waiting for confirmation.And I will send isk

Ok,I’ll make a deal with you.

isk sent and account name too, awaiting character transfer. 0))

have transfered

thank you after receiving I will unsubscribe

character received

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