WTS 72M SP Capital / Maurader Character

Downsizing accounts and this guy is up for grabs. Skills here

  • Nag / Rev & Phoenix with T2 siege and T2 weapons
  • Fighters V with Light, Support and Heavy at IV
  • Gal Carrier IV (for Nyx with T2 fighters)
  • Amarr / Minmatar BS V with T2 weapons for Paladin / Vargur

Comes with addition clones in hisec including:

  • HG Amulets with Omega
  • +5 learning Clone
  • MG Askeplans

Positive wallet and sec
No kill rights
Char is in hisec and NPC corp awaiting transfer
All CCP transfer rules apply etc.

Starting bid: 45b
Buyout: 55b

45b offer

46b :grinning:

47 bil

48B offer

49 bil

50B offer


51b offer

52B offer

Accepted 52b buyout from Stuart. Please send isk and eve mail acct info

Thanks, I have sent the ISK and an eve mail of the account info to transfer it to.

Isk received. Transfer has been initiated. Thank you.

I can confirm that I have now received this character, thanks. Have fun and fly safe :slight_smile:

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