Character Sold

Change of plans has me selling this guy.

Postive wallet, sec status, sitting in Jita in a +3 JC.

L4 mission with Amarr.
Only -0.3 with Angel and -1.8 with Guristas, Easily able to join them for FW next week.
Threshold for joining is -2.0.

25 days to Golem
38 days to Paladin
9 days to Onyx
Solid Tengu Pilot

JDO/JFC/JDC injected
Advanced Space Command/Capital Ships/Amarr Dread injected

Starting bid: 30b
BuyOut: 34b


Thank you for the starting bid.

happy to pay the buyout 34b

Accepted, send over isk and account info and I can start transfer.

Sent thank you

Transfer is underway. Enjoy!

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