-SOLD -WTS 81m sp Maurader, Sub-Cap PvP char

Selling up, 81m sp (79 + 2.1m available) very focused sub-cap pvp character for sale.

Skills here

Dual race maurader (varg / golem)
All race frig / dessie / cruiser / BC V (non trig)
Ceptors, Assault ships, Dictors V
Transport ships available
Excellent scanning skills.

+4 set plus 3 blank JC’s
Cal Navy & Rep Security Service level 4’s if that’s your thing
2 remaps available

Bidding starts at 50b
B/O: 65b

All CCP char transfer rules apply. Char is in npc corp in Jita ready for his new owner.

hey! bo?

Start you off at 55B

Implants, Remaps, JCs?

offer 59B

thank you but too low atm. b/o added to post.

ill b/o at 65B. confirm and ill send isk and account name by In game mail

confirm 65b b/o accepted from uncle, send isk and acct info and i’ll get things underway

wonderful! Need few moments to move some asset around and ill reply again when its all sent!

ISK and Account Name sent

isk received, transfer has been initiated. thank you and enjoy.

Ill take him on cool adventures! :smiley:

Transaction Completed

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