WTS 107m SP capital toon

I’m for sale.

As per the rules:

  • Currently in NPC corp
  • I pay the transfer
  • I receive the ISK
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Amarr
  • 1 JC in Stain, no implants to mention
  • Remap ready, no extra remaps


  • 104,3m SP trained, 2,6m unallocated
  • magic 14 at 100%
  • Perfect capital tank, both armor and shield
  • T2 siege and triage
  • T2 capital energy and projectile guns
  • lvl5 matar and amarr dreads
  • lvl4 gallente, amarr and matar carriers
  • Fighters lvl5, all other fighter skills lvl4
  • JDC5, JFC4
  • Amarr and matar blops and marauders
  • Tronhadar ink skin for Nag

Please bid here, I sell if and when I get the right offer.

91B offer

Thank you for the offer! I’m looking for more as I would get more out of it if I extracted myself.

Still available for offers!

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