Sold!: 76m SP Sub cap (Marauder, BLOPS and much more)

I am looking for a new boss as my current owner is lacking to keep me happy.


  • Nice name
  • Skills
  • Can fly Ishtar, Marauder and BLOPS and much more
  • Versatile char
  • Positive balance, attitude and security status

I will be located in Jita awaiting my new min… i mean boss.
Only serious offer will be considered, the rest i see as free bumps.

Welcome to the character bazaar!

Your character needs to be in the NPC corp already before you make your post. The last update of skills info says otherwise.

Please update that, and good luck!

Thanks for the information, but that info is already old. My char is already in an NPC corp while this is created.

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55b isk ready


Thanks for the offers, i am looking for abit more for this toon.

@Jirabun 62bil buyout

Accepted; Please send me the amount and details then i will start the transfer.

Isk and account info sent @Jirabun

Received. Transfer is initiated.

Confirmed that transfer is in progress :+1:

Grats and Good luck with me :slight_smile:

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