WTS 95 Mil SP Character


1 jump clone in Jita. Couple implants in and in jump clone. No kill rights, positive isk, positive sec status.


45Mil Spaceship Command
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration 5
Jump Cal 5
Cyno 5
Advanced Lab Operation 5
Capital Ships 5
Amarr Freighter 5
Amarr Carrier 5
Caldari Carrier 5
Command Ship 5
Capital Industrial 5
Black Ops 5
Marauder 5
Jump Freighter 5

Starting Bid 60Bil-Buyout 85Bil.


No thanks



58 and he is yours.

Is it still available …
60 Bo .

Yes, you have a deal

58B offer

You have a deal

58B isk ready. Are you sure you can trade now?

I will be home and ready to trade in 2 hours, 5:15pm EST

60 bo ??? I whait 7 days Lol

60 BO

I told you, “you have a deal”. And you never answered

You never online lol

No, not with this account. I have five others

Ok contakt in game Jimmy kOS PLZ

Sir, will you sell to me? If sure, I will pay the isk first and send you an email


In game name?