WTS 15,2 million sp toon super alt oriented


as i said character has 15,23 mil sp has max electronics enginnering skils and full skills for implants…2,9 mil sp is unallocated so it can go str8 to making it a sitter for w/e u want… mostly price checking atm but also accepting offers

(Nerdz Rool) #2

If you are going to sell this toon you are missing quite alot of information required.


such as?

(Zorin Firestone) #4

Where is the eveboard?

(Nerdz Rool) #5



(Zorin Firestone) #7

eveboard Password?


no clones character in jita 4-4 isk positive has full +4 set implants for training



(Zorin Firestone) #10

Can you Fix it? because it doesnt work.

(xXxKIDWRECKER69xXx) #11

what doesnt work just logged in fine

(Zorin Firestone) #12

Maybe you should remove the password. Because it doesn’t work for me

(xXxKIDWRECKER69xXx) #13

try now i removed

(May Mon) #14

10.2 b offer

(system) #15

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