WTS 15.9 Mil SP Matar Combat + options ( SOLD )

(Antaltica) #1

I am for sale

15.9 mil SP Minmatar

Character is in high-sec, in a NPC corporation, has no kill rights against, has a positive wallet

Bonus remaps available : 3

Eveboard link : http://eveboard.com/pilot/Antaltica

Skills at level 5:

Drone avionics
Light drones
Medium drones
CPU management
Electronic upgrades
Power grid management
Small projectile turret
Missile launcher operation
Evasive maneuvering
Shield operation
Minamatar : frigate, destroyer, cruiser
Spaceship command
Long range targeting
Signature analysis

Implants :
Limited -> Ocular Filter, Memory Augmentation, Neural Boost, Cybernetic Subprocessor

Starting Bid : 9 billion isks
B/O : 15 bil

(Hank The Gank) #2

I offer 8b. It would cost you 3.5b to extract and you would only get 7b profit from extraction. 8b buy out today only.

(Gravel Arnst) #3

9 bil

(jianjud Aideron) #4


(Antaltica) #5

You are the highest bidder jianjud Aideron

(jianjud Aideron) #6

Clinch a deal?

(Antaltica) #7

Sure I’m online in-game

(Antaltica) #8

The character is sold to jianjud Aideron.

I have received the isk and the transfer has been initiated with CCP ( I have paid the transfer fee).

Thank you