Selling Myself - 11m sp Minmatar Character

hello there, if you are reading this then i thank you for taking the time to look at me.

I am for sale Samuel Baboli

Minmatar character with 11m sp.
can be turned into whatever your heart desires.

i come with a postive wallet
very slight negative sec status, nothing that a bit of ratting cant improve, or ganking to make worse, depending on your preference.
No active kill rights
already in an NPC corp.

starting price shall be 5bn isk.
open to buyout offers
i also reserve the right to end the sale at any time, this will be done on either of 2 conditions being met, buyout price being agreed or lack of interest.

Happy bidding

1st bump

then i go with the starting price 5b

5.5B ,

6 Billion / 6.5 B/O If it has the bonus remaps

Can you also clarify if you definitely have remaps available.

Has 3 remaps available in total. 1 normal and 2 bonus

Offer is 6.5 B then

bump back to the top. 6.5b current highest. will leave open until 20…00 hrs eve time on wednesday 12/09/18 (2 more days)

i offer 6.6B

Then I will have to counter with 6.7 Bil

cool ! 7B

Offer withdrawn, Private deal has become available for a lower cost.

Last few hours, back to the top we go

my offer is back to 6B since he withdrew his offer also check your in game mail if you wanna negotiate :slight_smile:

6.5B offer

If this is still going, 6.6b

Still going, but due to lack of realistic offers, will remain open til 21:00 eve time tonight

I’ll do 6.6B b/o

Is this the seller on a different character accepting a sale, Or are you someone else offering the same as the previous person ?

Sorry I meant 6.7B b/o

My apologies