Sale complete

WTS minmatar Marauder Character LFO
Sec stat -3.6
3 bonus remap + annual remap available
Also 1.4M sp unallocated

2D 18H from Naglfar

Marauder V
All gun skills inc large arty & auto spec V (12m sp)

The skillboard?

@lifebetter_HOPE skill board now up

18 bil

19 bil

21b offered

Thank you for the offers guys.

The B/O price?

Current High Bid 21B
Buy Out: Make me an offer
(I am not experienced enough at selling to say and still trawling other sale ads to get a feel so would welcome any guidance if people want to input) however I do have a figure in my head for what I want and we are not yet there on the bids.

21B is too low

Isk is ready,but I should think twice

Apologies I think you misunderstood my previous post:

Attempt at clarity:

Current highest bid received is 21B. This is insufficient for sale.

Buyout: I am open to offers but am unable to indicate a value. Feel free to message me here with an offer.

Hope this removes confusion.

P.s despite confusion appreciate your honesty in valuation.

If I decide to buy the char,I’ll give you of a higher offer

There are four characters for choice

Do the char have positive wallet ,no kill right and located in jita?

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located in groothese Concord office

26B offer,isk is ready,and you know my sincerity

I do. 28b buyout and you have a deal

27.5B,and you have a deal,my friend

Done. Send isk and acc and I will xfer