WTS 100% Focused Naglfar 18.58M SP

Located in Jita, NPC corp, T2 Siege, T2 Guns.
PW: 1234
Want it gone before the end of this week.


20b offer

22b isk ready for when i get home

you are suposed to bid higher, thats how auction work

didnt see the 20b offer


24 bil isk ready





27b thx

i will sell it today if we reach good bids

28b isk ready now

New buy out set to 32B if no one reach the Buy out it will be sold to the highest bid in 4 hours

28 now as im online and wont be by the deadline or i have to withdraw

my offer stands for 20 minutes, i withdraw from the auction after that

ok i accept your offer send isk and acc name

isk and account info sent