WTS 23.3M Perfect, 100% Focused NAGLFAR

All rules apply; character located in Jita, no KRs and I pay transfer using PLEX.



  • T2 Guns
  • T2 Siege
  • ~9M SP Gunnery
  • Core 5, ready to farm C5+
  • JDC 4, ready to dreadbomb
  • Remap ready, basic +4 clone ready

30b b/o offer



Getting pretty close, gonna wait a little longer before I make a decision.

35 b/o

Offer is available shortly. Isks sent. You can return back, but then we will down to 32 bil

2019.06.11 21:07:54 Player Donation -35 000 000 000 ISK 1 163 950 816 ISK Relentless Invocation deposited cash into Mentat Thufir Hawat’s account

I’ll accept it, send account name by mail too please and I will create ticket to initiate PLEX transfer.

Yep, ty…Will create a toon. Wait 1-2 mins

Account info has been sent

Received and ticket created. Guessing in a day or two CCP will respond and complete the transfer, I’ll let you know once I receive a reply.

Toon received, thank you

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