[SOLD] WTS 36m - Allrounder Minmatar toon - Pure Minmatar - Top Offer

Hello ppl

I want to sell a very well skilled Minmatar Charakter. - Again :wink:

Her name is Leah.

She is pretty good skilled. Can fly up Minmatar T2 Battlecruiser + Fleet Command

Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Leah_Blacksword

According to the Disclosure Rules:

Wallest: is positive at around 1mil
Killrights: None
Jump Clones: None
Character Location is: Abudban IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support (Highsec, Station)
She is NOT engaged in Faction Warfare

Start Bid is: 25 B
Buy Out: 35 B

Confirming: I Am for Sale!

20b ready isk

21b offer


22.5b offer


23.5b offer now


24.5B offer

#minmatargirlsdoitbetter #trustintherust #inrustwetrust if it’s not minmatar it’s not a winner! good job on picking the master race, #winmatar

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25.5 bil


Thx for your offers, gentlemen.

But i think she is worth more than the 26.5B. Maybe you want to reconsider your Offers?



In fact, many players have left recently, and this toon may be hard to sell, but I am more interested in improving my account. I bid 27b, which should be a reasonable price. After all, I choose a lot.

Hi Roben, thx for your offer. The Char is worth at least 31 B.

Is this still a reasonable price for you?

HI Leah Blacksword.After consideration, I think your offer is reasonable. 31b is closed, and I can transfer the isk to you now.

Hi leah.After consideration, I think your offer is reasonable. 31b is closed, and isk is ready for your confirmation.