[WTS] 26.7m Minmatar + cross race PVP


All rules apply
I pay transfer (with money, no plex, so less waiting)
Money goes to me

I reserve right to not sell if no decent offer is made

Start: 15B
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 27B

20b offered

20.5b isk ready

Thanks for offers.

21b offered

Close to reserve with 21b.

Closing the sale 34 hours from now unless reserve is met. (GMT+10 Sunday midnight)

is this still for sale?

if that’s the case, offering 21,5 b

I’m ready to sell right now for no less than 23.5B. Let me know.

I confirm my 21,5 b offer, so it’s a nay for now.

Please let me know if you end up changing your mind.

Thanks to everyone interested, will continue to train it. Might try sell at a later time then.

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