WTS 41.1m SP - Focused Minmatar PVP Sub-Capital


  • Highly Focused Sub-Capital Minmatar PvP
  • Near perfect Gunnery Skills
  • Can fly a decent range of ships
  • Very little wasted skill points
  • Great for someone wanting to get into PvP, a good head start.
  • Positive Wallet Balance
  • No Kill Rights

EVE Appraisal Image

Starting Bid: 30Bil ISK
Buyout: 40Bil ISK

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Edit: 28 bil

Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

Still interested in sell this character. Daily bump.

Daily bump. Don’t want to scrap this guy with extractors.

Daily bump, lowered buyout to 40Bil. Also linked EVE Appraisal Image.

retracted found another character

Daily bump. In game right now to talk offers.

And a bump again. Still willing to sell.


Thanks for the offer, but I’m starting at 30bil at the moment. Unless injector/extractor prices drop, I won’t be going lower than that at the moment.

alright, keep waiting… lmao, maybe some day the cow will finally come home. good luck

Oh I understand, I’m in no rush.

As agreed to ingame am sending 29 billion as buyout

I am accepting offer of 29bil.

29.5 if not sold, please contact in game

id offer 30 if not sold

hey hi joe good luck selling o/

30.5 billion

This necro has gone far enough

31 bil