WTS 11,3M SP Minmatar PVE Toon

Selling myself
Highlight :

  • Lvl 5 Minmatar BS and lvl 4 Gallente BS
  • Lvl 5 Large projectile
  • Permanent skin : Angel’s Hex for Machariel
  • +3 basic implants, Slot 6-9 : EO-603, TA-703, EM-803, SS-903
  • 250k unallocated SP
  • Access to all lvl 4 Epic Arc (with Omega status)
  • Security Status : 3.3
  • 1 rewamp + 2 bonus

Positive Wallet, High sec, NPC corp, No Kill Rights, No Bounty

Startind bid : 5b
Buyout : 12b

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5B start

6b offer

6.5 bil

7b offer

9bil offer

Thx for the offers.
9b reached the reserve. 24h left for offers.

Sheshi Shaishi your offer is accepted.
If you still want it, plz send eve mail with acc info and isk (and let me know).
Thank you

bought a different toon if this is still for sale in a few days i will buy at 9bil, feel free to try sell in this time tho

It is fine, I am not on a hurry.
Character is for sale again then.
B/O at 10b.


7 bil

7,5 b

8 billion

8,5 b

9 billion

10 b/o

sorry,9.2 b if ok,I make a mistake

I will pay 10 bil b/o.
Isk is ready

is this still for sell?