WTS: 15 year old 4.8 mil SP alt- Great Base skills 10/17/06 Birthday

Hi there I am selling my 2006 Birthdate alt. Located in Jita 4-4 for easy access.
3 remaps available
453,500 unallocated skill points
Skills are as follows: Sobaro Jintos Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
Positive Wallet
No kill Rights
No kill board
Current duration in NPC corp is 5792 days

This pilot would make a perfect alt to start a new path on. All the basics skills are already done for you.
CORP history only contains 1 player CORP and 2 NPC CORPs in 15 years.

I reserve the right to withdrawl this toon for sale at any given time

I would like to see some where in the neighborhood of 5bil just for the age of the toon but will consider any reasonable offer.

I am still available…have a great day!

Still accepting offers. Have a great day. Fly safe o7

Still accepting offers. Have a great Day.

2 b is my offer contact me in-game if i not on here

Skillboard not working. Not sure if just for me and everyone.

I will think about this and get back with you , in the mean time he will remain for sale. thank you for the offer

Seems to be working for me, I checked the settings. Let me know if it still does not work for you.

3Boffer,Does this character have a Hypenet record

No Hyper Net Records…

3b offer :grinning:

3.1 offer.

Hi, out of curiosity, is it expected that transfer fee is part of the offer by default or are you taking that out of your 3/5bil?

As per the rules of the Character Bazaar, I pay the Transfer fee :slight_smile:

4 billion


4.2 billion


Now we are talking. Anyone have any more questions before I make a decision…

4.5b bid