WTS 150m SP combat pilot

bidding starts at 100b

its PVP focused and at 150m SP I’m not going to list all the level 5 skills.

Start you off with 100

thanks, I’ll let this run like a week.

please redo the eveskillboard… We failed to refresh the skills for Whiskey_Juvenile. We received a 4xx error which usually means the access has been revoked by the owner. Please contact the owner to reauth.

also, please see Section C:
and post the relevent information that is missing from your first post.

That can just mean he sold it already

It was 6 months since the skillboard was refreshed. That’s why I tried to refresh it

sorry its updated now

hey evidently I had a problem with the eve skillboard, I think I’ve fixed it. does your bid still stand?

Ok sorry I’ve been away from eve and hadn’t updated the eveskillboard, should all be fixed now.

Bid still stands