WTS 151m sp Dread/Cap/Sub Cap Pilot

WTS 151m sp, Dreadnought and Sub Cap Pilot


Perfect Armor skills
Perfect Combat Drones + Fighters
Near Perfect Electronic Systems
Perfect Navigation
Perfect Engineering
Perfect Gunnery
Near Perfect Missiles
Perfect Shields
Perfect Targeting
Perfect T3 Subsystems
Capital Ships/Carriers/Dreads

Positive wallet balance
Positive security status
No kill rights
Currently located in High Sec. in Jita
NPC Corp

Multiple JCs with High-Mid Grade Crystals, Drone implants and much more

3 Additional clones all in Hisec

Buyout : 125B


Accepted, send isk and account info

Black Leviathan 81 Isk ready now!

@Black_Leviathan, Do you need ISK that much, if selling 15% - 20% below extraction value ?

new high b/o, if no one new in 24 hrs its yours.

82b offer

85B b/o offer in game

85b/o offer for visibiity

Accepted, send isk and account info

86b b/o

@Rahr send isk and account info and he’s yours.

@Black_Leviathan ISK and accountname are send

transfer started, enjoy. o7

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