WTS 50m+ SP Perfect Sub Cap, All BS V, Maruder V, All CoreV,All Support V (36B only today then stripped)

WTS 50,574,058m SP Perfect Sub Cap


High Lights

  • All Race Battleships V, Maruder V

  • All Large gunns, Cruise, Torpedo V

  • All Drones Level V, All Core V

( All Carrier + Dread Skillbooks injected 2B+, Battleship Skinns for 1B+ inc Golden Pods )

3 Jumpclones ( Mid-grade Slave + Improved Set )
Positive Security Status 5.02
Positive Wallet
Located Hi-Sec
No Killrights
In NPC Corp

(36B only today then stripped) ( will use plex, 2 days for GM to compleate transfer )

bumb of the day

42b and she is oursssss

(36B only today then stripped)

Ill offer 36B. Let me know.

Sold. ISK and acc info to me

If it falls through I can do 36b as well.

ok Ill let you know later today

Sorry just got back from business trip.

Isk and account info sent.

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