Implants https://skr.sh/s5aqvCCAyOC?a
Located in Jita
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
No Kill rights
Security status 1.8

Skins: Wyvern Eros Blossom SKIN*
Erebus Spirit SKIN*
Erebus Federal Police SKIN*
Kronos Federal Police SKIN*

Amarr Titan - V
Caldari Carrier - V
Gallente Carrier - V
Gallente Titan - IV
Doomsday Operation - V
Fighters - V
Heavy Fighters - V

154kk SP
B\O 105KKK isk

Please read through CCP’s rules on character sales, which you can find here at Welcome to the Character Bazaar - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums.

You need to make a number of disclosures in your post, especially in Section C of the linked page.

95b offer @Kopay_Bolshe





Ready to sell you a character

Sounds good. you accept my 95b offer?

Yes, I accept your offer, wait for the money transfer and email address to start the transaction

isk and info sent

The money is received, I start the transaction

The process of transferring a character to start

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