[SOLD} WTS 15.1m SP Avatar Sitter / Bridger

Hey i want to sell this character.
Great for creating jump bridges ! (Jump Cal lvl 5)
link to skills

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec status
No kill rights
No Killboard History
Location: Jita 4-4
Corporation Status: Currently in Npc corp

Implants: High-Grade Amulet Set

Skins injected on character
Avatar Headhunter Skin
Avatar Deathglow Hunters Skin
Avatar Cold Iron Skin
Avatar Biosecurity Responders Skin
Avatar Exoplanets Hunter Skin
Avatar Glacial Drift Skin
Avatar Kador Skin
Avatar Purity of the Throne Skin

Starting bid: 16b

still for sale !

Could you allow me to export to XML on this eveskillboard page? I want to play around with its skills in evemon

done, i’ve updated the eveskillboard page, you can export xml now

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16b buy out

Mail sent with my offer

hey, thank you for your offer.
if there will be no more offers in the next 24hrs, from this post, then i will accept your offer :slight_smile:

What is the last price?

Highest bid currently is 17.5b

Offer Accepted from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz
Send ISK and account details for character transfer.

character still for sale,
Offer from last bidder has still not gone through,

17b bid

17.5 bid

18b bid


19b bid

19b bid accepted :slight_smile:
Please send ISK and account details for character transfer

Hi, Really sorry about this but will have to redact my bid. I told my corp about getting a titan pilot and was told in no uncertain terms that I should not get a titan. :confused:

Perhaps find another corp…

Maybe, but I like this corp rn.