Sale Complete

Looking to sell myself - skills can be found here Ger Atol Skills

Eveboard with clones/standings/ship tree etc can be found here - Ger Atol Eve Board

Too many skills to list but can fly T3 Cruisers, Marauders, HACS for all 4 races.
Has an abundance of applied skins.
Has 10 Jump clones all located in HS
Character has no kill rights
Character has 307,500 Evermarks

Looking for opening bid of 170 Billion
Buyout offers can be made
Looking to sell within 7 days, sooner if an agreement on buyout can be made.

Character is in NPC corp (although only just left character corp prior to making links so may not show)
Character will come with no assets.
Character will have positive wallet balance.
Character is currently located in HS

I will pay transfer fee

feel free to message me in game any queries.

170 it is

Bid noted, and thanks for opening offer. Will give another 24 hours, if no further interest, your bid will be accepted.

175 b offer

180 for me

181B offer

Things just started getting interesting. As it stands 181B is the highest offer. I am online for around the next 2 hours if anyone wants to make any buyout offers. Failing any acceptable buyout offers being made, I will be closing the auction at 17:00 Eve Time today 04/04/24 with the character going to the highest bidder at that time

182 for me then

183b offer

deadline reached. 183b offer accepted. please send isk and message me with account details. transfer will be started once i get home

Thank you,

ISK Sent.
Account information Sent Via Evemail.

Isk received, transfer process started to account mailed ingame. enjoy

Thank you , Transfer is visible on my account page.
Character Received.

Transfer Complete - Close Please