Wts 157.5 m sp pvp/pve character Gallente/Minmatar carries/supercarriers; dreads/fax/bs/marauders

I am selling high end pvp/pve character with 157+ m sp (1+m not used). The pilot can fly both capitals and subcaps.

Capital Ships V
Gallente Carrier V
Marauders V
Many subcap ships learned to V

Please find detailed skills info here: Miranda Rous

No implants implemented , but there is a Jump Clone in 4-HWWF with 4b cost High-Grade Nirvana implant set and another one with Mid-Grade Crystal set (about 1b worth) also at that location. Total 7 jump clones.

No kill rights
Wallet balance is positive
Npc corp joined, currently located in 4-HWWF

I am not in a hurry to sell, though dont want to spend weeks selling it. I will check what offers I can get. Initial BO: 150 bil ISK. Happy bidding :slightly_smiling_face:

bump bump bump!


New BO: 140 bil ISK

Bo reduced to 135 bil

121b offer

125b offer

@Hyuna_Ottertons make it 130 bil and you ve got a deal

Sounds good, will send info shortly.

Isk and info sent

isk received. I will initiate transfer shortly