WTS 159mil Sp Cap/Combat/Pvp/Orca

Look at the skills, yes a good Toon !

You can do alot with this char !

Positive Wallet
Positiv Sec Status
I am for sale
No Kill rights
1 Remap

Buyout : Good offer need

125b !

160 mil skillpoints for 130 b buyout ! Come on
Without a higher bid caldaran get it today

Sell end in few hours

All of your clones (including halo one) are in citadels which potential buyer (which would actually use the character, not milk it) cannot access it, and you did not bother at all to move them to NPC stations before selling the toon. True, most of them are not worth to bother, but good marketing is a great toy for increasing the price of the toon.

good luck with the sale

Thanks Iva

Caldaran i accept your bid, pls send isk and Account for Transfer

ISK dropped and Name send !

Transfer started, many thanks !

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