WTS 15m SP Hic/Dic/Hauler/Prober Toon - SOLD

(Star Citizenz) #1

EveSkillBoard: Star Citizenz
Password: 1234

  • Wallet Balance: Positive
  • Kill Rights: None
  • Location: High Sec
  • Sec Status: Negative

B/O 13B

All CCP rules apply
Transfer will be done by support ticket

(Anarchy Manifesto) #2

7b bid

(Star Citizenz) #3

If you can do 8, I will start the transfer process now

(Intriguing Stranger) #4

I can do 8b

(Anarchy Manifesto) #5

send you an ingame mail

(Adam Veros) #6

9b. I could do a transfer in about 1.5 hours.

(Star Citizenz) #7

Okay, If nobody can beat this in the next 1.5 hours - She’s yours

(Intriguing Stranger) #8

Check your ingame mail - I offered 10b

(Star Citizenz) #9

Yup, just got it - I’ll accept this offer and begin transfer once isk is recieved

(Intriguing Stranger) #10

isk and account details sent

(Star Citizenz) #11

PLEX Transfer ticket created - Enjoy :slight_smile:

(Adam Veros) #12

Would have outbid the 10b.

(system) #13

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