WTS 167m Dronemaster

A drone master (and amazing mothership pilot), a superb logi support and great tackle. She is a small/mediun ship monster, and has ALL the skills needed to support the bigger guns/missiles trained to lvl 5.

Some highlights:

She has some great skins including:
-Draugur Liminal Crossing (6-7b skin)
-Full set of Penumbral Shadows (no longer obtainable)
-Headhunter skins including Nyx (8-9bn skin)
-Plenty of others rare/event ones (total of 248 skins)
-All 4 empires Carrier skills trained

She comes with the following clones:
-1 Learning clone: full set of improved
-1 Super Clone: Genos and E0-606 / SM-706 / EM806 / SP-906 / HG 1008 ~6b in implants just on this clone
-5 other clones that are nothing special (with implants)

-Neural remap available right away.

In Npc corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights

Starting bid: 150b

Buyout: Make an offer

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